Sunday, 5 May 2013

59 - Milk Hill - Wiltshire - 3rd May 2013

Milk hill sits amongst a small range of sweeping hills just a few miles south west of Marlborough, this hill was not going to be a difficult one to visit but it was going to be interesting as Milk hill is regarded as a bit of a celebrity due to its links to UFO sightings and frequent appearances of crop circles, it also has a rather cool feature carved into one side but more about that later.

The drive to Milk hill took me about 90 minutes from Portsmouth, driving up the M27, M3, A34 then along the A303 to Andover. after coming off the A303 I took the smaller roads through the villages of Ludgershall, Upavon and Alton Barnes finally arriving at the car park.

Leaving the car park I walked across the road and through a gate, heading south west I passed through the first of many fields full of sheep. Through another gate and yet another gate I was now on open ground and I followed a path over some ancient earth works and up the first of today's hills, this hill is called Walkers hill and already the views on this walk were magnificent. Standing on top of Walkers hill I could see for miles towards the east, south and west, below me sat Alton Barns and in the distance were Upavon and the village of Pewsey. I took some photos here and soon moved on.

The path now took me west and soon I was in sight of the feature I had mentioned earlier, a giant white horse carved into the side of the hills, the horse is a rather nice looking horse, very bright in the sunlight, the path took me right over his back and past his ears, I have never been so close to a white chalk horse before, after passing the horse I entered into another large open area full of sheep.

I stopped off in this field to take a few time lapse movies and have a cup of tea while still surrounded by sheep, there were a lot of paragliders using the hills and a take off point so I watched them soaring overhead, I found it amazing that there could be so many in the sky and they never seem to collide.

After my flask of tea I moved onwards to the actual highpoint, it was situated in a field so had to nip over the fence briefly to get a quick look, Milk Hill is the only one of my high points with a point of a meter in its height, this is because neighboring Tan hill is roughly the same height (294mts) and for years it was unknown as to which was the highest, so the TV program Country File conducted a survey and it turns out that Milk Hill was 25cm higher, so I was happy to conquer Milk Hill at 294.25 meters. I didn't stay long as I was not sure if I was allowed into that field so I made my way back to the main path and headed north and then east around the edge of the field.

Soon the path started to slope back downhill and it was not long until I could see the car park in the distance, I still had to head through 2 more fields of sheep and across the road and back to my car. Before I left the area I drove down to the base of the hill under the white horse to get a few more photos.

Milk hill is in a beautiful part of the world and I really recommend a visit, it is not a difficult walk and the views are stunning so get out there and explore the area.

Here is the time lapse video I shot around Milk Hill -

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Story So Far

Here is a list of all the high points I have visited so far on my quest in the order I visited them.

The best climbs so far are either Snowdon in Gwynedd or Worcestershire Beacon in Worcestershire. 
The most disappointing high points are either Telegraph hill in Kingston or the Vale in Hounslow.

Total visited so far 58 (out of 236)
Percentage visited 25.22%
Combined height of visited high points in meters - 11109
Combined height of visited high points in feet - 36447
Combined height of visited high points in miles - 6.902

NameCounty/UA  MtsFtDate Visited

Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa Gwynedd   1085 3560 02 September 2010
Scafell Pike Cumbria   978 3209 21 August 2012
Black Down West Sussex   280 919 05 September 2012
Walbury Hill West Berkshire   297 974 07 September 2012
Leith Hill Surrey   295 968 28 September 2012
Ditchling Beacon East Sussex   248 814 03 October 2012
Corfe Hills Poole   78 256 10 October 2012
Ringwood Road Bournemouth   65 213 10 October 2012
Pipers Wait New Forest National Park 129 422 10 October 2012
Basset Avenue Southampton   82 269 10 October 2012
Fort Southwick Portsmouth   122 400 10 October 2012
St Boniface Down Isle of Wight   241 791 22 October 2012
Ebrington Hill Warwickshire   261 856 06 November 2012
Rednal Hill Birmingham   250 820 06 November 2012
Turner's Hill Sandwell   271 889 06 November 2012
Cawney Hill Dudley   251 823 06 November 2012
Sedgley Beacon  Wolverhampton   235 771 06 November 2012
Barr Beacon Walsall   227 745 07 November 2012
Meighs Wood Solihull   185 607 07 November 2012
Corley Moor Coventry   167 548 07 November 2012
Brown Willy Cornwall   420 1378 13 November 2012
Lewesdon Hill Dorset   279 915 29 December 2012
Shooters Hill Greenwich   132 433 10 January 2013
Langdon Shaw  Bexley   83 272 10 January 2013
Westerham Heights Greater London   245 804 10 January 2013
Westerham Heights Bromley 245 804 10 January 2013
Sanderstead Plantation Croydon   175 574 10 January 2013
Clock House Sutton 147 482 10 January 2013
Telegraph Hill Kingston upon Thames   90 295 10 January 2013
Lauriston Road  Merton   55 180 10 January 2013
Putney Heath Wandsworth 60 197 10 January 2013
Richmond Park Richmond upon Thames   56 184 10 January 2013
The Vale  Hounslow   35 115 10 January 2013
Horsenden Hill Ealing   85 279 10 January 2013
Potter Street Hill Hillingdon   134 440 10 January 2013
Bushey Heath Harrow   153 502 10 January 2013
Bushey Heath Old Middlesex 153 502 10 January 2013
Wakemans Hill Avenue Brent   92 302 10 January 2013
Mote End Farm Barnet   145 476 10 January 2013
Arkley Barnet   147 482 10 January 2013
Bournwell Hill  Enfield   115 377 10 January 2013
Pole Hill Waltham Forest 91 299 10 January 2013
Cabin Hill Redbridge   90 295 10 January 2013
Havering Atte Bower farm Havering   105 344 10 January 2013
Marks Gate Barking and Dagenham   43 141 10 January 2013
Wanstead Flats Newham   15 49 10 January 2013
Bethnal Green Tower Hamlets 16 52 10 January 2013
Chancery Lane/Holborn City of London 22 72 10 January 2013
College Park Hammersmith and Fulham   45 148 10 January 2013
Harrow Road Kensington and Chelsea   45 148 10 January 2013
St John's Wood Park City of Westminster   52 171 10 January 2013
Hampstead Heath Camden   134 440 10 January 2013
Hanging Hill South Gloucestershire   237 778 5th March 2013
Dundry Hill East Bristol   160 525 5th March 2013
Niver Hill Bath and NE Somerset   264 866 5th March 2013
Blagdon Hill Farm North Somerset   242 794 5th March 2013
Cleeve Hill Gloucestershire   330 1083 23 April 2013
Worcestershire Beacon Worcestershire   425 1394 24 April 2013