Thursday, 20 November 2014

Highest Points Update

Hello all

The Summit of Ben Nevis
It has been a fair few months since my last highpoint, I thought I would update everyone with what is going on and to let everyone know that I have not stopped.

Back in July I climbed Ben Nevis, this was my 100th High point since starting. I knew I had a very busy summer ahead, plus I was going away in September/October and had a lot going on with work the rest of the time, so after Ben Nevis I thought it was time to stop for a winter break, the 100th high point seemed like the perfect place for a break and I will start again early in 2015.

Aran Fawddwy
2014 has been a great year for climbing high points, I managed to cross off 22 this year with the highlight being Ben Nevis, there have however been a few other Mountains which are worth a mention, Aran Fawddwy is a hidden treasure and well worth a climb, Moel Sych and its 2 sister high points are also worth a visit with some incredible views.

So what does 2015 have in store for me? to be honest right now I have no idea where I am heading and what I am going to be climbing, I have purposely not started planning yet, if I do then I will want to get out climbing but I really have to hold off until the new year and then I will start planning again, As I have now done 100 high points I now have 137 to go, I guess my next target is half way which I guess would be 119 (actually 118.5 but I cant do half high points), so that is my target for 2015, 19 high points before the year is out.

Moel Sych
The quest has started to become a bit of a problem for me, I have done many of the local high points so this means I now have to start travelling a lot more to get to them, I still have 6 more to do in south Wales which it fairly accessible for me, also 7 in the Swindon/Reading/Slough area which will also be very easy to do one day. But apart from some major clumps around Manchester/Liverpool and another clump up in Newcastle the rest seem to be fairly spread out so I am going to have to plan carefully and try and hit several high points at a time.

The Wrekin
I am also hoping to have some company on my climbs in the coming year, I know Bournemouth Chris will be joining me on one or 2 high points and Nathan will probably join me on some, Also I am going to drag Darren along on high point mission sometime in 2015 as well, Darren did all of the London high points with me so taking him to a real mountain will be a different experience for him.

Anyway, that's it for 2014, Its been a good year for getting out in the great outdoors, to finish off, here are some statistics you may or may not find interesting -

High points climbed - 100
High points not yet climbed - 137
Percentage completed - 42.37%
Combined height in miles of the hills I have visited - 16.53 miles
Time it has taken since I started (21-8-12) - 821 days (2 years and 3 months)

Thanks for reading, watch out for updates in the new year