Friday, 2 May 2014

87-89 - Wakefield, Doncaster and Rotherham

In late March I traveled up to Leeds to attend an event for a few days, It was a really fun few days. On my way home i decided to drop in on some high points, it was a 5 hour drive for me so I didn't want anything too big to climb, I looked at the maps and found I had 3 very easy high points very close to my route home on the M1.
Wooley Edge, Doncaster

Foredoles Head, Doncaster
My first high point of the day was in Wakefield, I found the high point near a look out point on the side of a road and it was actually really nice, It was called Wooley Edge and is 176 meters above sea level. I was not expecting the destinations to be so impressive but this one was an excellent view. I didn't stay too long so I headed back to the M1 and headed for the highest point of Doncaster.

It took me a while to work out how to get to the highest point of Doncaster, I first tried to get there from a posh housing estate but the area seemed fenced off so I drove around to the other side of the hill to a farm where I managed to pull over and wander over to the highest point of Foredoles Head at 144 meters above sea level, This one was not quite as nice as Wakefield but still it was better than expected with some nice views over Rotherham . . . . . It all sounds so glamorous.

Blocked by a fence at Harthill
It was time for lunch so I found a Supermarket with a cafe and stopped there for a short while and then I was back on the M1 to find my next and last high point of the day. It was only a short drive south on the M1 and the I turned off and along some country roads to arrive at the village of Harthill and the highest point of Rotherham. The highest point of Rotherham can be found inside a large fenced off area so sadly I was not able to stand on the exact place BUT I did get very close to the 157 meter high point.

My journey then took me all the way home again and although these were not very exciting high points they were much better then I imagined they would be.

The View from Harthill