Friday, 23 January 2015

101-102 - Cambridgeshire and Essex - 7th Jan 2015

Highest point of Cambridgeshire
It had been over 5 months since I had climbed Ben Nevis and since then I had decided to take a short break from the hill bagging, this was due to many reasons, mainly because I was too busy however with a new year having just started it was time to get back into visiting those hills. I was due to head up to Bishops Stortford again to attend a balloon modelling event so while I was there I decided to cross a few hills off my list.

On the morning after the balloon event I headed north from Bishops Stortford up the M11 a few junctions and then cross country to a car park in the village of Great Chishill, I parked my van and headed off to my first highpoint which was situated roughly 10 paces away from my van however because of a fence and a hedge I had to walk down the road a little bit to see it. This was the highest point of Cambridgeshire at the dizzying height of 146m, It was a rather unimpressive high point and was dominated by a covered reservoir which was surrounded by hedges, I didn't stay here too long and headed off on a South Easterly direction towards my next high point.

Once I left Great Chishill I crossed a field and then walked along the edge of a small woodland and across another field, I then turned left onto a road and eventually found a path which led directly to the next destination. While walking along this pathway I was pleased to see a large herd of deer which contained 1 white deer, it was a rather impressive sight seeing them in the middle of a field.

Highest point of Essex
I eventually got closer to my next highpoint and after a short walk through a woodland I arrived at the highest point of Essex, this one was at the dizzying height of 147m above sea level, that is a whole metre higher than Cambridgeshire. I stayed here for a short while and took some photos but then it was time to head back to the car park in Great Chishill.

I decided to take a slightly different route back to the carpark to turned off onto a different path and then along a country lane which took me past a few houses, crissing back over some more fields I made it back to Great Chishill and my car.

Both the high points I visited today were fairly plain but I still have a lovely walk in the countryside and it was great to get back into visiting my high places again.