Sunday, 29 September 2013

65 - Wentwood - Newport - 1st August 2013

I was on day 3 of my trip to Wales to climb a few highpoints and today was the day I was due to travel back home again. It had been a went night but by the time I had woken up the next morning the sun was out and it was now a glorious sunny day so I was able to pack away while drying everything out at the same time, this included both my cameras (not good) and most of my clothes which had gotten wet the day before, thankfully it all dried out quickly and both the cameras still work perfectly.

Once I was all packed up I left the campsite and made my way from Pencelli Castle south towards Abergavenny and then on towards Newport, before I reached the M4 I turned east and drove for about 20 mins until I reached a car park not too far from today's high point. This was Wentwood, a large area of ancient woodland in Monmouthshire and not too far from the Welsh/English border.

I left the car in the car park and walked into the woodland along a rather large path, this path soon turned out to be the main road in and out of the woodland for some tree felling work going on but I managed to avoid all of the machinery. I soon left this main path and took what looked like a really old path further away from the main path.

Eventually after a few turns and other paths I reached an area which was the highest point of the unitary authority of Newport, it was only a 20 min walk from the car park but I didn't have too much time and I had a lot of travelling to do. I stayed around here for a while and had a bite to eat but It was not long before I wandered back to my car.

Once I was back at my car I drove the rest of the way home after an excellent few days of climbing, camping and high points.

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