Friday, 14 March 2014

81 - Blackpool - 24th Feb 2014

Every year in late February I get the chance to visit Blackpool as it is the home to the worlds largest magic convention, I love Blackpool, yes you heard me correctly, I LOVE Blackpool for 4 reasons (here is where I upset the population of Blackpool), the main reason why I love it is that it makes me realise how really good it is in my home town of Portsmouth, Blackpool really makes me see what a good city I live in, I mean its really good here, Blackpool is like a polished turd, in recent years they have spent millions on the Blackpool regeneration, a whole new seafront, new shopping centres and loads more of amazing things, but no matter how much they try to make it look good, no matter how hard they polish it, it's still a turd. The second reason I like Blackpool are the fact it is home to the worlds largest magic convention, Thirdly it is home to some pretty nifty roller coasters and finally( and in this blog most importantly) it has a high point.

Now before we go any further, no, the Tower is NOT the highest natural point in Blackpool, and no, nor is the 'Big One' rollercoaster in the Pleasure beach. The highest point is in fact next to the Warbreck Reservoir about 1.5 miles to the north of the tower. So it was on my way home from the Blackpool Magic Convention I asked my friend Scott (who was driving that weekend) if he would mind me stopping off on the way home at the reservoir for me to take a quick photo.

And to keep you all happy, here I am standing at the giddy height of 34 meters above sea level.

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