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47-52 - The High Points of London Part 3 - 10th January 2013

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Canada Water Station, 6:20pm
Bethnal Green - Tower Hamlets
We had parked in the car park and headed for the underground station where I purchased my underground card and Darren topped up his Oyster card, it was straight onto the London Underground overground line, then the District line and then the Central line to Bethnal Green, from here it was a short walk to Tower Hamlets where we found the highest point and took some photos.

High Holborn - City of London
Walking back to Bethnal Green tube station we were straight onto the Central Line towards central London, getting off at Chancery lane Tube station for the highest point of the City of London, this can be found on the south side of High Holborn at the top end of Chancery lane, after a quick photo we continued along to Holborn tube station and back onto the Central Line.

Hammersmith and Fulham
After changing at Oxford Circus we joined the Bakerloo line to Kensal Green where we were able to find 2 high points in go. Firstly we walked along the Harrow road and found what looked like a high point up a side road BUT after consulting the map and a few road signs we worked out that the first high point of Hammersmith and Fulham was back on the main road DOWN the hill, this was because the borough border ran along the length of Harrow road and that was the highest point. we took our photos and stopped to look in an awesome dinosaur fossil shop.

Chelsea Rob in Chelsea 
About 50 yrds back along the Harrow road we arrived at the highest point of Chelsea and Kensington, just outside some cemetery gates. Again we stopped off for some photos, I was quite pleased to get a photo of me in my Chelsea football shirt standing on the highest point of the borough of Chelsea and Kensington.

Back onto the tube and we travelled a short distance to South Hampstead and then a short walk to the highest point of the City of Westminster, this can be found at the junction of Boundary road and St Johns Wood Park, It was a rather unimpressive place, odd posh houses surrounded by not so posh flats, plus it had the shortest double yellow lines we had ever seen.

City of Westminster
Walking along now to Swiss Cottage we were starting to get weary, a look at out watches show that this was taking ages, We had been travelling around London for nearly 14 hours now and you can imagine it was starting to get very tiring. Onto the Tube at Swiss Cottage we travelled north towards Hampstead heath Tube station. On Arrival at Hampstead Heath we had a walk of a mile to get to the Highest point of Camden, this turned out to be a bus stop on the edge of Hampstead Heath,

Hampstead Heath
We looked at out watches and it was time to make a decision, we still had 6 more high points to go and it was now approaching 10pm, do we carry on? it would take us at least another 2, maybe 3 hours to do the rest, and we had a LOT of walking to do to get to our next 2 High points and then we had the problem of how to get to some of the other high points as they were not on direct tube lines. So, do we carry on? or stop? we decided to call it a day, it would be a shame to rush the last ones and not enjoy them, we were both in need of Pizza and we made our way back to the car at Canada Water.

One last interesting thing happened on the route back, from Hampstead Heath we walked to Hampstead Tube Station, after making it to 30 High points across London, we were now waiting for a train on the deepest tube platforms in London, so from the highest points to the deepest, we certainly have covered a lot of London.

We both had such an excellent day and I laughed so much with Darren, it was awesome, Just 6 more high points to go and we will do those next month so watch this space.

 Distance travelled - 161.4 Miles - Not counting Tube Travel
Time Taken - 15+ hours
HP 1 (22) - Shooters hill (Greenwich) - 132mts
HP 2 (23) - Langdon Shaw (Bexley) - 83mts
HP 3 (24) - Westerham Heights (Bromley) - 245mts
HP 4 (25) - Westerham Heights (Kent) - 245mts
HP 5 (26) - Sanderstead Plantation (Croydon) - 175mts
HP 6 (27) - Clock House (Sutton) - 147mts
HP 7 (28) - Telegraph Hill (Kingston Upon Thames) - 90mts
HP 8 (29) - Lauriston Road (Merton) - 55mts
HP 9 (30) - Putney Heath (Wandsworth) - 60mts
HP 10 (31) - Richmond Park (Richmond Upon Thames) - 56mts
HP 11 (32) - The Vale (Hounslow) - 35mts
HP 12 (33) - Horsenden Hill (Ealing) 85 Mts
HP 13 (34) - Potter Street Hill (Hillingdon) 134mts
HP 14 (35) - Bushey Heath (Harrow) 153mts
HP 15 (36) - Bushey Heath (Old Middlesex) 153mts
HP 16 (37) - Wakemans hill Ave (Brent) 92mts
HP 17 (38) - More End Farm (Barnet) 145mts
HP 18 (39) - Arkley (Barnet) 147mts
HP 19 (40) - Bournwell Hill (Enfield) 115mts
HP 20 (41) - Pole Hill (Waltham Forest) 99mts
HP 21 (42) - Cabin Hill (Redbridge) 90mts
HP 22 (43) - Havering Atte Bower Farm (Havering) 105mts
HP 23 (44) - Marks Gate (Barking and Dagenham) 43mts
HP 24 (45) - Wanstead Flats (Newham) 15mts
HP 25 (46) - Bethnal Green (Tower Hamlets) 16mts
HP 26 (47) - Chancery Lane/High Holborn (City of London) 22mts
HP 27 (48) - College Park (Hammersmith and Fulham) 45mts
HP 28 (49) - Harrow Road (Chelsea and Kensington) 45mts
HP 29 (50) - St Johns Wood Park (City of Westminster) 52mts
HP 30 (51) - Hampstead Heath (Camden) 132mts

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