Friday, 25 July 2014

99 - Butser Hill - South Downs National Park - 24th July 2014

Its time for a very quick visit to a very local high point which I have visited on many occasions however I have not yet included in this blog, Its Butser Hill, the highest point of the South Downs National Park.

The Schools broke up on Weds 23rd which meant that Chris and Amy were free to meet up with me, Clint and Carson up at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park for a walk in the woods so I decided to take a quick detour to visit Butser Hill. I drove up the A3 and turned off at Clanfield to drive up the country lanes to the car prk near the top of the hill. I parked up and headed off to find the highest point. I love Butser Hill, it has the A3 duel carriage way cutting its way right through the area but when you get up on top of the hill you can't really see or hear it so you really can get away from it all, there were a few people flying kites and when I arrived at the Trig point marking the highest point there was a family having a picnic next to it so I didn't stop.

Butser is home to a big radio mast and although its quite an industrial structure I think its been there so long it would look odd without it, Butser would not be Butser without this landmark and it provides some interesting photo opportunities. I didnt stay at the top of the hill for long and I was soon making my way back to the car to hear off and meet up with Clint, Carson, Chris and Amy.

Here are some photos from past visits to Butser Hill.

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