Monday, 8 August 2016

121-122 - York and Barnsley - 14th-17th September 2015

Highest point of Barnsley
In September 2015 I was heading up to Leeds for a work event so while in the area I thought I would tick off a few more high points. first was the highest point of York,

Stock Hill
I was staying not too far from Wetherby and the highest point of York was not too far away so I headed off and parked nearby. There was not much of a walk to the highest point and I found it quite soon, not one of the most exciting high points around but still good to tick it off my list. The highest point of York, Stock hill and the crazy height of 44mt.

Endless moorland
After my work event I stayed at a campsite near the town of Penistone, a very small but lovely and friendly campsite called Orchard Camping. It had a fire pit everyone was so friendly, well worth a visit. The next day I headed off to find one of my high points, it took me a while to find somewhere to park as the road was very busy, I managed to find a layby on the A628 to pull over into and I headed off across the moorland on a rather gloomy day. The ground was very wet underfoot (really much buy new hiking boots) and after a while of trudging across the moorland I arrived at Hoar Stones, at 514 meters it is the highest point of Barnsley, I didn't stay too long and soon I was retracing my steps to get back to my car and back to my campsite where I enjoyed a delicious stew cooked on the campfire.

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