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71-76 - The High Points of London Part 4 - 11th October 2013

Back in January I traveled up to London to attempt to visit all the highest points in London in one day with Darren, we had a good try and visiting all 36 of the high points however after a long day we only managed 30, there were 6 to go. I set another date with Darren and on the evening of Thursday 10th October I headed up to stay with Darren ready to visit the last 6 high points the next day.

Crystal Palace in Lambeth
Early on Friday 11th October we left Darren's house in Bermondsey and headed south towards Crystal Palace for the first of 3 high points in the same area. We arrived in Crystal palace and quickly found the highest point of Lambeth, It could be found on the crossroads right next to the old Crystal palace site and not too far from the huge antenna that sits on top of the hill. We both took a few photos and then headed on to our next 2 highpoints which were a short drive just down the road.

Lewisham                           and                           Southwark
The next 2 highpoints were situated both together, these were the highest points of Lewisham and Southwark, they could both be found in the same road, about 10 ft away from each other. We park across the road and walked to the fairly private road roadway where the 2 highpoints could be found. It was a pretty unimpressive location due to the fact that the road was completely surrounded by buildings, on one side were bungalows and on the other side there were garages.

We walked back to the car and drove back to Bermondsey, it was time for a change of transport, we parked not too far from the underground station and then headed north along various underground lines to the Manor house Station. After a short walk we were standing next to Finsbury park and the highest point of Hackney. From Finsbury park it was a short walk back past Manor house and along to Harringay Green lanes overground station where we took a short train ride to Upper Holloway station.

A woman wearing a newspaper
It was now time to finish the London highpoints as the next to were very close to each other, We headed north from the train station and we were soon in Waterlow park and on Highgate hill and the highest point of Islington. After a short time we headed further up the road and arrived at the last of the London high points in Highgate and the highest point of the London borough of Harringay. We had done it, all 36 of the London high points were complete, it had taken us 10 months to do but we finally did it. we celebrated with some cake in a local cake shop and then headed to Highgate Cemetery for a wander around to see some of the amazing graves of the rich and famous.
It was a brilliant day and I am so pleased Darren was able to join me for ALL of the 36 high points of London.
Douglas Adams 
Karl Marx

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