Thursday, 8 November 2012

14-17 - Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton - 6th November 2012

Rednall Hill in Birmingham
Having walked to the top of Ebrington Hill in Warwickshire earlier this afternoon It was time to continue to my next set of hills in and around Birmingham, from Ebrington Hill I headed north through the Shakespearian town of Stratford Upon Avon and then up the M40 towards Britains second largest city Birmingham.

An Oak Tree
The first of four hills was Rednall Hill, the highest point of Birmingham, it can be found in the far south west of the city close to where the M42 meets the M5. I parked up in a small layby in a residential area and walked up a steep and quite small path towards the top of the hill, it was not a long walk, I was up on top of the hill within 5 minutes, there were a few good views over the surrounding area and in the distance I could see the centre of Birmingham. I didn't stay too long as there was not much to look at on the very top of the hill, so I made my way back down the hill to the layby meeting some dogs on the way.

The Delights of Turners Hill
The next hill was just a 15 minute drive away in Sandwell, Turners Hill is the highest point in the surrounding area of Birmingham but it was far from being the prettiest, I parked in an empty golf club car park and walked the very short path to the top of the hill. the hardest part was dodging the rubbish and doggy deposits and I was soon as close as I could get, the actual high point was situated behind some very big locked gates (what do thy keep in here? Dinosaurs?)

Cawney Hill
The next stop was Cawney Hill in Dudley, another unimpressive stop just 5 minutes away from Turners Hill, turning off a main road and up a residential street I parked up outside the private house which sits on top of the hill. No time to stop here as there were a few people about and I thought I would look suspicious taking photos and having a look around.

The View of Birmingham from Sedgley Beacon

It was time to stop for some dinner so I headed back towards Birmingham and came across a huge Tesco store, now I am not really the type who gets excited about supermarkets (well not much) but this Tesco was HUGE, it was one of those raised up on stilts with the car park underneath, but when you get up into the store the roof seemed to be miles above me and the views out of the window over Birmingham were pretty cool, I think this Tesco was taller than a lot of my high points but I was not going to try climbing it (well not today anyway, I had another hill to visit tonight and don't want to get arrested).

Sedgley Beacon
After a dinner of burger and chips I headed north towards Wolverhampton and Sedgley Beacon, It was dark now but I parked in a residential area and walked up the short path to the top of the hill, the actual high point is not at the top of the hill, yes it sounds odd but the border cuts through the hill and so the highest point is right on the edge of the border as high up the hill as it can get, but I walked to the top anyway. The views were pretty good, on one side was the small town of Sedgley and then on the east side the lights of Birmingham stretched out below me as far as I could see.

Remember Remember, Sedgley Fireworks
I took a few photos and being it was a day after Firework night there were still a few fireworks going off, it was an excellent viewpoint to see them. I stayed up on Sedgley Beacon for about 20 mins before heading back to my car and then heading to my bed for the night. Rednall Hill and Sedgley Beacon are worth a look if you are in the area but give Cawney Hill and Turners Hill a miss.


  1. You missed out on one of the best - its called Frankly Beeches.

    1. I drive past Frankley Beeches often, I must visit, sadly it's not on my list of high points, it is in the county of Worcestershire and the highest point of that is Worcestershire Beacon.

    2. can i make a point sedgley beacon is not in wolverhampton it is in sedgley which is part of dudley and you went wrong side of cawney hill you went snob side other side by where i live is lot better