Saturday, 10 November 2012

18-20 - Walsall, Solihull and Coventry - 7th November 2012

Barr Beacon
Yesterday I visited 4 of the hills in the Birmingham area, today I was going to visit 3 more and the first to visit was Barr Beacon situated in Walsall to the north of Birmingham. It was easy to find Barr Beacon, I just kept driving up hill until I couldn't go any further, parking right on top of Barr Beacon I went for a walk around the area.

On top of Barr Beacon is a war memorial, it looks like a bandstand and when I got there it was totally covered in Scaffolding, apparently thieves have stolen all the copper from the roof so it was getting some much needed repairs. I had a really nice walk around the entire beacon, there are some radio masts and plenty of open areas, plus a few clumps of woodland which were turning a beautiful orange colour as winter draws in.

The views from the top are pretty awesome too, you can see all the way to Sedgely beacon in the west and over the rolling hills to the east. I couldn't see Birmingham to the south as the trees were in the way.

Meighs Wood
My next hill to conquer was in Solihull and what can I say about it, well, basically it was a tree stump in Meighs wood just to the north of the town of Meriden, there is not much more I can say about it really, I pulled up in a layby and wandered into the woodland for an explore but it was all pretty unexciting.

The highest point in Coventry
My last high point of the day was just a few minutes drive away, it was the high point of Coventry and is situated in the small village of Corley Moor. The actual high point is thought to be a manhole cover in the middle of the road so I parked in the centre of the village and wandered around the area, again another very uneventful high point to visit.
Corley Moor

The best high point in Birmingham was probably Barr Beacon and yesterday I have 2 other really good hills to climb with Sedgley Beacon and Rednal Hill, I was pleased to have those good hills to climb to make my trip worth while.

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